Sunday, February 19, 2012

Someone is Listening.

I turned off the radio and proceeded to follow the line of cars that headed southbound out of Cache Valley. It was dark and the lights from the cars snaked through the canyon. And for a moment I became entranced by the beautiful ribbon of lights that I was now apart of. 

I am not one to sit in a car musicless- especially if I am alone. But my heart was pounding and music at that time was annoying. I drove, my mind raced and I sat there contemplating the choices that will soon come to ahead here in a matter of months. . . I have mentioned before that 2012 is going to be a big year, but never did I imagine it to be this big.

Words were forming into questions in my head. Soon they made their way from my brain to my tongue until my tongue became so swollen that I either had to spit out my thoughts or choke on them. I checked my surroundings, I was alone. I couldn't breath anymore.

My thoughts came spilling forth. But I just wasn't whispering, and I didn't feel foolish. Instead I was firm and felt bold. Originally my questions were focused to air that I was breathing- I was okay if they were just going to float away, but soon I focused them inward . . . and then I realized that my words weren't being wasted, but instead directed. Directed to the one who has never left my side. Directed and focused to the only being who I know will see me through, the one who knows what will make me happiest. Yes, these thoughts, these words were for Him.

Happy Sunday. 

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