Thursday, February 16, 2012


the TRUTH is:

I like progressive pictures. . . hence all my collages

I love dancing.

When I think of him my heart skips in circles and I forget how to breath regularly.

Eating vegetables is a hobby of mine.

I want to be a yoga instructor someday.

I have NO IDEA where or what I am going to be doing six months from now. . . and that causes me slight anxiety.

I have listened to love songs for the past two weeks just to celebrate Valentine's Day. . . and even though the holiday is over- I am still swooning in the tunes.

Chocolate is an evil addiction . . . and I am an addict.

It snowed and I wasn't very happy.

I miss falling asleep on sun-warmed cement right after teaching swimming lessons in the summer.

I love just "going on a drive" to anywhere and nowhere.

People-watching is one of my favorite pass-times.

My feet never stink. You can smell them if you don't trust me.

Secretly I wish for spontaneous adventures.

I practice writing my name in class when I get bored.

the TRUTH is . . . 
I am hopelessly in love with life.

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