Monday, February 20, 2012

Visiting the Married-friend.

Dearest Tami,

I love you. I love that I got to spend a year with you before you became married and such. I love that you are happily wed and living in a lovely little home that you have made your own. I love that you invited us to come spend beautiful moments with you in REX!


It was a quick trip, but most definitely worth it. . . and then we came home to this:

Yes, someone was so kind as to move our mattresses into the living room.
Our living room into the kitchen.
The kitchen table (set and ready for dinner) in the living room as well.
. . . . .
Later we found that all our clothes were in different closets.
Our draws had been switched.
And our silverware was under in the vanity cupboard. 
. . . . . 
Many ideas of who was responsible have been discussed.
Most have been questioned, but no proof found.
If we do find out however. . . 
We have plans for you-

You have been warned

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