Simply Marvelous Life

Life is a Marvelous isn't it.
Miraculous, Beautiful, Intriguing, Brilliant
Life is great to put it quite frankly.

Sometimes I think we forget this simple fact
and so each week Tuesdays actually I feature a life on my blog.
Each of these lives are SIMPLY MARVELOUS

updated: June 13, 2011

Kelsie Dawn 

Childhood Ambitions: 
I can recall wanting to have numerous occupations, including but not limited to: 
  • An Author 
  • Marine Biologist 
  • Photographer 
  • Teacher 
  • A Princess at Disneyland 
I do however remember going to Parent-Teacher conferences in elementary school, you know the ones where the teacher praises you in front of your parents . . . at least that is how mine always were! (: The teacher would be filling our a folder of information that also included some of our class work. Eventually the teacher would get around to evaluating and asking me question. Every year the questions were the same and I always waited for the “Kelsie, what do you want to be when you grow up?” question because I knew the answer! All through elementary I wanted to be a lifeguard! AND guess what I have reached that goal- my life is complete . . . at least it is according to the perspective I had as a child. 

Wildest Dream: 
To become famous in a sense . . . not like movie star famous- just know for doing amazing things . . .It’s kind of a secret of mine. 

Current Reading: 
Fire of the Covenant - Gerald N. Lund

Currently it is a toss up between these two songs: 
  • You and I – Ingrid Michaelson 
  • Five Years Time – Noah and the Whale 

    New Zealand. As a wee Primary child there was a Sharing-Time activity that I remember quite vividly. The theme was I Hope They Call Me on a Mission and all of the children where “called” to different missions. I was called to New Zealand. A returned missionary in classrooms through out the church building represented each mission. I was swept away by the stories and experiences that that young man shared. I don’t remember what he said, or even to stories to detail, but I still have that strong desire to go there someday. 

    First Job: 
    My dad hired my sister and I to clean the inside of the trucks down at the Shop. He paid us three dollars a hour, but our employment didn’t last long. We used entire bottles of Amoral and other cleaners on the interior of one vehicle. Pa didn’t like that much. He soon moved us into the office to clean. After cleaning the walls with brake fluid and taking the paint off the walls we were done. 

    Last Purchase: 
    I bought a X-Large cup of water at the Hot Spot drive-in after work yesterday afternoon. It cost me a total of twenty-five cents and I drank the entire thing before I made it home. (XL waters = peeing frequently) 

    Proudest Moment: 
    Winning Sterling Scholar in Social Sciences on the Regional Level! Hard work, tears and sleepless nights went into making my portfolio. I put so much time and preparation into getting ready for that night and luckily it paid off . . . Even though it has been over a year my heart still swells with pride for that award. 

    Biggest Challenge: 
    Time. There isn’t enough time to do all that I need and want to do . . . I am sure procrastination plays a key in this as well as my perspective of priorities. 

    Hidden Talent: 
    I oil paint. Mama used to paint a lot when I was little. I remember watching her at the kitchen counter, careful not to get too close. When I was old enough I got my own oil paint set for Christmas. Mama taught me a few things and we used to paint together. I haven’t painted in a long time since, but I am sure I haven’t lost it.

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