Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sno-Cattin' Adventure (mind you no boy/husband talk included)

BEWARE: picture OVERLOAD! (yes, each picture deserves to be large and centered!)

Okay now for the story. . . not that each picture doesn't speak for itself.
. . . . . 
Friday before Spring Break I loaded up my roommates, Aubrie and two of the J3 boys- Eric and Tyson. The Durango was packed, but we got off in really good time.  See we had to leave decently early because Shay's prom was that night, and yes we went to watch- (where I come from the whole community goes to WATCH prom, but that is another story)

Saturday we ventured up into the mountains.  My pa had agreed to take us all up on the Snow Cats.  Long story short it was a new experience for everyone! 
Quick shout out to Pa, Weston and D!  Thanks for playing tour guide!

RECAP of the weekend:
(no particular order)
  • Eric went up in the mountains with a broken leg. . LOTS OF PAIN
  • Played in the snow all day long!
  • Rode Snow Cats
  • AMAZING food (thanks Ma!)
  • My friends got to see what it is like where I grew up
  • Everyone fell in love with my kids
  • Sleepovers on the floor

I missed lots of important details - this is true. . .
But I would need a whole day just to relive those little moments.
Really- the weekend was just SIMPLY MARVELOUS!

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Eric Richardson said...

It was worth every bump.