Thursday, March 17, 2011

high five Thursday!

so sometimes I like to stay up late. . 
Okay- I am not going to beat around the bush, I always go to bed late.
In fact this whole week I don't think I have been in bed before 1:30. . . 
My sister-in-law, Sandi, says something along the lines of 
"Kelsie you can always do homework, but parties only happen once."
That isn't exactly how it goes, but it is late
and it is close enough.

Tonight I did study before I played.
I patted myself on the back already, don't worry!
Then my friend Keni came over.
She is pretty much amazing.  I met her in crossfit.
We played computer- took virtual tours of the places that we grew up
on Google MAPS.
Then we watched a long movie
The Scarlet Pimpernel 
it was funny- well the parts I watched.
I studied during half of it. . . 
Keni says the book is better
I think I will read it.

It is funny how every time I have to drive home I stay up late. . .
Luckily for me I will have a friend for the ride.
I am kinda sad to be leaving Logan again.
It is such a beautiful place
with such marvelous people. . .
But then again
I am basically surrounded by marvelous people.  

Tomorrow (today) 20,000 Bouncy Balls are going to be dropped 
 It is going to be amazing- to say the least.
I plan on taking pictures- 

Oh by the way. . .
cute picture huh!?
I think so.  We are never up this late
. . . together, on a weekday!
True college experiences?  I think yes.
as you may have noticed
My dearest Tami is MIA.
The poor girl has a dreadful job at cleaning buildings
AT 4 o'clock in the MORNING!
everyone should be sleeping during that hour.
I miss her dearly
(this is only the first week too. . . )
My poor dear.
What people do when they are in love. . . 
(Oh, background: Tami is ENGAGED!  story to come soon!- hopefully. . .)

High Five Thursday!

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