Sunday, March 27, 2011

-"You can paint with all the colors of the. . . . chalk?

I went to Spanish Forks Color Festival.
It was so much fun!  I was so tired!
(the previous night I went to bed at 3:30 AM because a group of us dressed up like gothic/punk people and partied it up!)
The Color Festival is a religious celebrations- but that is all I know basically. . .
I haven't really cared to take the time to look up why we threw colors in the air, but I will now-
I know they burt a witch.

Only five of our crew made the trek down.
It was a bit chilly, but not too bad.
I got blue chalk in my eye- Thanks Eric.
We ended up looking like Easter Eggs.

I can't wait until next year!
I am going to do the mud slide! (:
Oh and I either want to dress up like a ninja or a birde!
Good plan huh!?

Notice the creeper in the left hand corner- totally creepin' But he makes this picture so much better I will admit!
I drove the rest of the way home after being caked in chalk dust.
I was starving and tired and so glad to finally get home to shower.
The rest of the weekend was amazing!

Fact: Three hours of sleep for two days full of excitement is not enough.
Fact: Color is a BIG deal in my life.
Fact: Driving while tired is not safe.  It is scary.
Fact: Wearing someone else contacts won't make you see better.
Fact: I miss my high school friends more than I thought possible.
Fact: Hoss is going to be an amazing missionary.
Fact: Grandma RuLeen is amazing.

Quote of the weekend: "Next time you won't catch me in my fan-duds." - Grandma RuLeen.


team cowan said...

We planned on going but then other stuff came up and we couldn't go. It looks like so much fun! Hopefully Team Cowan can make it next year!

Taylor S. said...

im a super big fan of that creeper in the group picture haha he looks so angry and like he wants to kill someone!!!

Taylor said...

Umm...I am bugged that we are categorized as ur "high school friends"...we are BESTEST FRIENDS FOREVER!....haha, except u didnt get to see me so u must miss me more-er! I miss you mostest!