Thursday, March 24, 2011

The sky is falling! Wait, those are bouncy balls!

Another regular day in Logan. . .
People of all ages lined up in the Stadium parking lot.
They waited there for sometime- anticipating the arrival.
Yes, the arrival of a helicopter filled with 20,000 bouncy balls.
What, you have never done this?
The excitement waiting for the 'copter 
was the best part of the event.
Once the balls fell they bounced everywhere-
AND out of my group of five we only retrieved one bouncy ball.

To bed the balls weren't bigger, they were kind of hard to see
But come on 20,000 bouncy balls from 100 feet-
Ya- sounds pretty cool huh!
We have made great use of our bouncy ball. . . 
including the fact that Eric frosted it, 
covered it in sprinkles 
tried to feed it to me! 
(it was rubbery tasting. . . blah!)

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