Tuesday, March 29, 2011

beastly, I know.

It is a phone picture- give me a break. . .I know it sucks okay.
Last night I took on this beast.
Yes, it is a hairball- a huge hairball, mind you!
It took preparation spoon full of peanut butter
special equipment kitchen broom and vacuum from J3
lots of elbow grease and persistence.

It wasn't easy to take on this beast of a creature- I mean look at that thing! It is Ginormous!
I got a few battle wounds a paperish cut only by hair. . . a hair cut! (no pun intended).
What did I do with this wad of hair you may ask?
I took it over to J3- to show them my hairball-taming skill. . . They thought it was gross.
Big wimps!  IT IS JUST HAIR!

Equation:  5 Girls + Hair = HAIRBALLS!  everywhere . . . (dun, dun, dun!)


Randi Lynn said...

Seriously, the Old Farm carpets collect hair like nobody's business!
Once upon a time, Emma and I were sitting on the floor listening to our home teachers and then we spied a GIANT hairball on the floor RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM! So we grabbed it and tried to hide it behind us by the wall. Boys don't understand the dilemma of a hairball.

Eric said...
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Eric said...

"Is is weird that I brought a hair ball over to show you?" -Kelsie Mason

Tyson said...

So as I'm walking to my apartment I hear this girls shriek and yell gross! Her roommates turn around and say what?! She was like look! And lo, there was a nasty looking hair ball on the ground one that looks strikingly similar to the one pictured above...