Friday, March 18, 2011

somewhere, eight hours from here.

Today my sister is eight hours away
playing softball with her team.
My plan was to drive four hours yesterday
then four more today to support her.
 Instead I stayed in Logan.
I am on one end of the state and she on the other.
I miss her- it has only been a week. . . not even that. . .

So pretty much I think my sister is amazing.
She is beautiful (to say the least!)
She knows how to take a stand for what she feels
and will let others know EXACTLY how she feels and I love it.
Shaylie is high fashioned
a magician with hair.
She is a musical genius
and an ALL-STAR player.
Shay works hard at EVERYTHING she does
sports, school. . if her heart is their she will be there.
My sister is aggressive,
but sensitive.
She maybe the "Baby" of the family, but by no means 
does that get in her way.

Did I mention that my sister is my very best friend.
It has always been that way, even though at times growing up I would have never believed it.
Quick funny story of my childhood:
When Shay was young she picked up the habit of biting.
For some reason I was always the victim.
All I did was cry (I must have been a wimp of a child.)
One day my mom caught Shaylie biting me.
For Shay's punishment and my growth Mom made me bite Shay back.
To say the least I didn't want to.
But in the end- I bit her.
She never bit me again. 
I am still a baby.

Shay and I are the only girls born into our family.
We are also the youngest
and very close in age.
I don't know where I would be with out her.
I miss laying in bed with her.
Talking about boys
and cuddling up close to her-
(she used to tell me to get off, now she begs me to come home to lay with her!)

Good Luck my little sister!
You have made an impact in so many people lives!
I love you!

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