Wednesday, March 9, 2011

1:27 am

It is late.
Or early I guess.
I am tired.
I don't have sheets on my bed,
but hey- my bed is ridiculously comfortable anyway.
You should be.

Tonight as I was getting ready for bed I felt like I was missing something. . .
And then I remembered
I miss CHARLY, the book.
It is a sad story- this is true
but Eric has been reading a chapter to us
 from the book each night 
for the past two weeks.

It all started when I wasn't going to bed in good time.
I would complain about being tired during the day. . .
Eric said he was going to make me go to sleep
before wee-hours in the morning.
I told him I needed a bed time story
. . . the rest is history.

It usually ends up all four of us on one of our beds
while Eric gets into his "fatherly-story telling mode"
I love the way he talks in Charly's voice- bahaha!

(don't judge us, we are getting ready for bed!)

Oh and if you haven't noticed
Spring Break = Lots of blog posts!
I love being home! (:

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