Tuesday, March 8, 2011

and I thought this was bad. . .

I have driven from Logan home 
three times in the past two weeks.
Pretty sure I could do it with my eyes closed
. . . doesn't mean I want to try it.
 I took this picture driving home last night.
I wish the roads had been this good all the way home,
maybe then it would have only taken me four and a half hours.

Surprisingly it wasn't too hard for me to drive slow on the way home.
(background: I like to get places quickly- I speed. . .too much sometimes)
Having my little girls in the car though 
made it really easy to take my time.
I am so thankful we made it home safe.
Even if it did take almost twice as long.
Counting my blessings!

Vehicle: 2004 Suburban (mom's)

Passengers: Lulu, and Jaders (fell asleep as soon as we got in the car)

Driver: Me 

Number of seat belts worn: three

Movie: Despicable Me (played through twice)

Road conditions: terrible

Lowest speed on I-15: 0 mph

Highest speed on I-15: 60 mph

Number of passed wrecks: six

Anxiety level: too high to measure

Time to get home: 5 hours and 35 minutes

Average time to get home: 3 and a half hours 

While I was driving this is what I heard going on in the backseat:

Jades, "what if a lion was lying? (giggling)"
Lulu, "yep."
Jades, "Halee, knock knock"
Lu, "Who is there?"
Jades, "Lion"
Lu, "Lion who?"
Jades, "Rawr! because that is what Lions say."
Lu, "Okay" (while texting boys on my phone)

Love these girls.

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