Tuesday, March 8, 2011

my kids.

Before I turned babysitting age
I would cry to babysit.
When I turned ten I got my first babysitting job
. . . since then I haven't stopped.
I love it!
That is why I want to be a mom.
a stay at home, 24/7 homemaker.
(I already have a soccer mom car!)

I was eleven and a half when my niece Lulu was born.
I remember riding over to the hospital with my grandma,
. . . longest car ride EVER!
Eight years later I am nine kids richer!

Being away at college I get homesick.
especially for my kids.
Not this last weekend, but the weekend before
I came home from school
(for the first time since Christmas- wild!)
I decided that I needed to have a ginormous sleep over with my kids!

So that is what we did.
We watched How to Train a Dragon 
(Swayz picked)
I tucked all of them in like Burritos
and then I spent the rest of the night juggling kids
(aka: helping them fall to sleep)

I love my kids.
end of story.


mason said...

So fun!!! They had an absolute blast!! They LOVE their aunt Kelsie Kels!!!

The Masons said...

Ahhh...that was a wonderful night wasn't it? Well...for me anyway. LoL! Thanks for the fun sleepover! They were both so excited!