Sunday, February 20, 2011

sleep, The lack of.

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Current time: 2:55 AM February 20, 2011
Notice: my hair is crazy- as I get older and older it grows more curly. . . does this mean I am going more boy crazy?  or just crazy in general?  I like it though- it makes it easy and FAST to do . . . for the most part-  Thanks head for growing hair that is a little bit wild-  It makes my life interesting and gives me a chance to mix it up! (:

Good thing it is Sunday tomorrow- I can have a nap. . . (ya right!) .  I should be in bed, but I am not tired, not that I have tried to go to bed.  I bet if I laid down I would fall asleep- o well, sleeping is good but I will sleep when I get old!
It is freezing cold in our basement- It is snowing outside and I keep hearing the snow plows drive down the road.  I bet the plow-drivers are way tired and their wives are anxious for them to return so that they can sleep well again and not rustle around restless in their beds searching for the warmth of the man that lays beside them.
As soon as I fall asleep I know I am going to have to pee-  I am currently drinking a large glass of milk to wash down the Cadbery Mini Eggs that I have been snacking on all evening!  They are so amazingly good- definitely worth peeing my bed for. . . maybe not.  Gross- sorry for that image.  For the record I haven't peed my bed since I was eight years old.  I know, that is quite old to be peeing the bed I remember begging my mom not to tell anyone- especially my younger sister.
Wow, this post
is going in so many 
different directions. . . 
sorry about that!

 This next week is going to be huge!  My friend Tyson is running for Programming VP up at the school! Dah!  nervous!  He asked me to be his campaign manager even though I have no idea what is going on! I feel like an underdog!  Maybe, just maybe we will pull through though- my fingers are crossed!  I have been designing some things and painting signs and talking strategy with Tyson.  I think he has a pretty sweet plan and it may just work!
If you are a student
enrolled at Utah State
Please vote for Tyson!
After all every vote counts
Getting all this stuff put together is reminding me of high school- 
Painting all the homecoming signs, all the extracurricular activities I did, my perfectionism. . . 
Yep, just like high school. . . 
No sleep, lots of milk, and a messy room.

I am so glad it is a four day week next week!
Funny side note! I am going to have a longer weekend than week!
I didn't have class on Friday and there is no class Monday due to President's Day . . .

Oh- by the way I would like to announce that most of my roommates (minus one) have now joined the blogging world! 
I pretty much think they are amazing and I am sure you will all love them too!
Check 'em out:
  • Kellie (look our names are almost exactly alike. . except for one letter)
  • Tami (She is my room-roommate)
  • Jordan (The smart one- 'nough said.)
We have decided that we are kindred spirits. . . It is pretty legit- just sayin'

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ONE MORE THING!
If you think my blog is even a lil' bit awesome- or at least fun to read some times (especially how I miss spell and miss use lots of words) then I think you should FOLLOW it!  I know it is a HUGE commitment and everything, but it makes me feel good!  O and if you want to share my thoughts with anyone else feel free to.

Okay- I am done now, sleep is in order. . . 

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