Sunday, November 7, 2010

If you can't really tell what this video is I will explain:
This video is of Eric (my FHE father) and I playing with fire.  Now I know that this sounds stupid, and someone could get hurt, but it is a grand old time!  I had a can of aerosol hairspray in the Durango and being the PYRO self I am I decided to play with it for a bit.  After torching it around we decided to spray our hands and light them on fire.  It was fun- I didn't get burning (: but Eric kind of smelt like burt hair. . 
A few things I have decided this weekend:

  • NEVER play ROOTbeer pong again! (unless I practice and become flawless at winning)
  • Tyson only makes a mean man meal- (Man meals consist of lots of meat and LOTS of heat!)
  • I am starting to LOVE racquetball, I even won a game today
  • Homework is the pits
  • Naps are simply marvelous!  (I actually already knew this, but I wanted to emphasize how great they are!)
  • I love chex mix- but it doesn't mix well with the upset stomach from ROOTbeer pong- (that is why I am up so late. . . my stomach is churning!)
  • It is a great thing to have hairspray in your car, it comes in handy, not only to fix my hair, but to be used to play PYRO games!
  • Accept my feelings!
  • Despite the fact that today was a splendid, warm November day- my bedroom is ridiculously cold!

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miss dawn said...

Note to self: Never write about playing with fire on blog again. Playing with fire=Mom not happy.