Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What did you do on Sunday?

I was in the 1000 PLUS Choir from USU who sang at the CES fireside in Provo on November 7.
We met every Tuesday for eight weeks and practiced for an hour and a half- (that is a lot of people at one practice!)
The spirit was amazing every time we sang.  My testimony in music has grown as well as my testimony of the spirit.   We were able to sing three different languages in the opening song (I don't know if they show the opening song on this video) and even though I didn't understand the languages I got goosebumps every time they were sung.
I made lots of new friends throughout the past eight weeks.  Last night was my first Tuesday off since I have been at school, even though I was glad to have more time at night for things such as homework (BLAH!) I missed practicing.
Elder Ballard did an amazing job speaking!  Everyone should listen!

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