Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I am going there.

I took this picture on my phone when I was in Salt Lake City for General Conference.
The Temple means so much to me.  I have always lived pretty close to a temple, but never as close as I do now and I absolutely love it!  I have been to the temple three this week already, I just sat on the grounds and thought.  I can't wait to do baptisms for the dead next Tuesday with my IWA group.
I have a testimony that the temple is a place where I can go for relief, peace, comfort, revelation, and to feel the love of my Lord.  I can't wait until I reach the age where I can enter into the temple and make covenants with Heavenly Father.
It is simply marvelous.
It is simply true.
The Temple is simply the Lord's house.
It is the place where families can be seal together- FOREVER.
It is a heaven on earth.

"I love to see the Temple"

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