Sunday, September 12, 2010


Right now I'm listening to "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts.
It reminds me of home.  It reminds me of truth and hope and all things good in life.  It reminds me that no matter what people love me and stand by me.  I like that.
Today, Sunday, these days are always beautiful days.
I'm so thankful to be alive.
To breathe in clean air, to have freedom to think and act freely, to have choices in my life.
I'm thankful for every opportunity, every blessing that I have been given.
I feel humble right now.  I have caught myself neglecting these blessings, not taking time to thank My Father in Heaven for all that he has done for me.
Right now I'm going to school four hours from home.  Only four hours, that means if I needed to I could go home and be home in one day, I could leave at any second and know that in four hours I will be surround by those who will love me unconditionally.
I have met amazing people who, even though they may not know it, have impacted my life tremendously, and I've only live here for two weeks.

I came here because it felt right.
I am a person who relies entirely on feelings I receive.  (Some may call it nerve, some say I am just silly, but I know it is the Spirit guiding me.  I've felt it.)
I knew that I needed to come to USU, but I didn't know why at the time.  I think things are starting to unfold.

Have you ever sat and watched people in the mall or at Walmart parking lot?
I do this all the time.  I sit and watch how they interact with one another, how they rush from one place to another- always on the go, always having a set destination.  I think about things like this a lot- I think about the pre-mortal life and wonder what kind of relationship I had with these people before we came here to earth.  Maybe I'm alone on this, but I think about that all the time.
Have you ever met someone and felt like you have known them your entire life?
I have, I have met people here that I feel like I know, and have known for a very long time.  It is even hard for me to remember my life with out these significant people in my life.

I know I have said this before, but I believe that the people we meet we meet for a reason and the impact that these people have on our life shape us to become the people that the Lord needs us to be to fulfill his plan.  I think about that a lot too.

I made a few goals today:

  • Take some time just for silence- listen for guidance and direction
  • Study more- I am doing decent, I get all my homework done.  I want to excel though- I will.
  • Serve others. 
  • Patience 
  • Lead
Tomorrow starts week three.  It has gone by fast. 
My sister said she may come stay with me next weekend.  I really hope she will.  I miss her.
Sandi and the kids are coming too!  I'm so very excited!  

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mason said...

I am so very excited to come and see you! I am so glad that Shay is coming. She was so excited when I invited her!!! You two have an incredible relationship!!