Friday, September 17, 2010

Five days later.

Wait?!  It's the weekend. . . already!?  I hate to say this, but this week has flown by, and I almost wish there were more days in the week. . . I have so much to do and so much to get done- AND I DON'T WANT TO WASTE MY WEEKEND ON THESE "THINGS TO DO"!!!

This week I have had ATLEAST three hours of homework a night- which doesn't sound too bad to be quite honest.  However, there are SO many things to do around here that it is like pulling off my finger nails to sit at my kitchen table to do homework!-  BLAH!
Notice:  I am not sitting at my desk that over looks my street,
instead I have moved to the kitchen table 
due to the fact that my poor roommate hasn't been feeling well.
I decided to let her rest!
And I don't want to get sick-  Crank up the vitamin C!
There is so much potential for this weekend it is making me anxious to live it!
Friends are coming up, races are being ran (not by me!), bomb fires, night games, football games, good food, lots of fun-  Oh the possibilities are endless!

It is Thursday night- I almost forgot that I have to go to school tomorrow. . . bum!

People always want to know what I am thinking, and I can honestly say that sometimes I just don't know.  There is so much going on up there that it is hard to grasp a single topic that is swimming around.  It makes some people frustrated, others confuse, and I am completely sympathetic to them- I feel their pain.  There are always so many thoughts dripping through my head, some very complex others are just completely out there and random that they don't even make sense to me. . . 

Tonight it sounds something like this:
I should go to bed.  It is really late. I need to get up early an go running.  It would feel really good.  I could sleep in the afternoon after class.  My nails are getting long.  I need to cut them.  I can't cut them I need to show my mom.  She would be really proud.  Mom and Grandma are coming up tomorrow.  I can't take a nap they will be here.  Maybe I'll seep in.  I need to go grocery shopping.  I need headbands.  Oh and honey.  What time is it, gosh if I go to bed now I could sleep for five hours.  I should probably do some homework.  I could do it during my break.  I need to read my scriptures.  I saw Bro Krebs today.  He is a funny man (breath).  Who texts me at one in the morning.  I guess it really isn't that late.  Where are my friends going to sleep this weekend.  I wonder how my roommate(s) are feeling.  I don't want to get sick.  Maybe I should get some rest.  I like riding on the back of Kalle's motorcycle.  Maybe I'll wear my glasses tomorrow.  This probably won't make sense to anyone.  I don't care.


Kaden Krause said...

hahaha the hurd..

Taylor said...

You dont know how bad I feel that we didn't come up this weekend. stupid car. And you were worrying about where we'd sleep? haha. The Kelsie I know rarely worries, and takes BIG deep breaths to calm herself down.