Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Adventure. I live for adventure.
I love being on the go and staying involved.
It kills me to go to school all day long and then come home just to study the night away- 
I have to get out and do something adventurous.
Now to some adventure means always doing something spontaneous and crazy- however, that is not my case.
This weekend was full of adventures and I loved them all.
We took a journey to the park where we feasted on sandwiches, apples, and string cheese of course.  We flew across the sky and our shadows were eaten by little kids.  We crossed the mighty gorge and walked around barefoot!

I have learned that I love having deep conversations with people.  I have learned that at times it is hard but only true friendships can be based on being personable and "real".  
I think I will study sociology.  I like watching people and I am always curious on why people do the things they do.
I live for the weekends, late night walks, playing pretend, and adventure.

Meet Mark.
He is pretty much amazing!
He pretty much knows everything!


Bree said...

Hi Kels! Looks like you have adjusted very well to your new school! Hope all is good for you girl! p.s I'm adding your blog to my list so I can keep up on ya! :)

tyandbrandie said...

Can I say how much I love the pic of the water splashing? How on earth do you do it? I really need to get a nice camera. You'll have to recommend a good one to me. Looks like you're having a blast and meeting lots of new friends. PS- Sociology is the best subject! That's my major.