Tuesday, May 1, 2012

To my Mister.

Sometimes I get distracted when I should be studying for a LARGE test I have tomorrow morning. . .
Oh, the joy of finals week- BUT once it is over I am free!
(well except for packing and moving out)

Sometime I get thinking a little bit on the whimsical side of life.

You know the whole marriage and family part- the unknown part that I can only daydream about.
Well I am thinking about that right now-

And you know what I have decided. I want to be madly, hopelessly, romantically in love.
Yep, and I think I am going to be very capable of that.

But you know what else. . . 
I want to play with my husband

Somedays I will want to play wedding and I will dress up in my wedding dress and we can dance around in our bare feet.

Other days we will play Bed'n'Breakfast and we will wake up late and eat french toast with strawberries in bed because that is the only way to play accurately.

And then I plan on playing explorers where we will travel the world, even if that means climbing a tree in our backyard or sleeping on the roof so that we can watch the stars all night long.

I have contained my hopeless romantic side for quite a while on this here blog,
but I have been bursting at the seams and couldn't hold it in any longer.

Dear future Husband, whoever you are-
I surely hope that you like to play games of pretend, 
because if not I don't see how this is going to work out.
I love you.


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Warrior Princess said...

you are absolutely wonderful miss kelsie :)