Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Here is to you Logan:

I have a lot on mind and I feel like it deserves to be written down.

However I have had this post open for nearly six hours now, and every time I look at my computer the words inside my head taunt me.

I have never thought of finals week as the "week of lasts" -- it is an awful way to think of it, but that is the only way I can interpret this week.

Such a melancholy thought.
I never thought I could grow so much or love so many people.
I never thought I would think the way I do now, or have the experiences that I have had.
I never imagined how great life would actually be.
I love it.

But now it is time to leave. It is time for a change and oh, it is bittersweet.

So here is to you:

Aggie Blue Bus, for making trips to school a lot more enjoyable during the elements. For teaching me patience and the importance of being on time. Here is to you for inspiring me with lots of wonderful stories and teaching me that everyone you meet on the bus is not "safe" but sometimes there are exceptions.

Logan Canyon, you made running magical, you provided me with a sanctuary when I needed to find escape. You cause the wind to blow through campus all the time and even though I don't care for wind I loved how it made the trees sway and the leaves dance.

Homework, I won't miss you. I might miss having something to do. . . never mind I can always find something to do. I really won't miss you at all.

Roof out my window, I have enjoyed Sunday afternoons sitting on top of you and basking in the sunshine. You have also provided me with opportunities to meet knew people and I can see all over The Farm when I perch on top of you.

Farm Residents, you have all made living in Logan yet another marvelous year. I may have been looking out my window during a few doorstep scenes or seen you roll down the hill with your "lover" in the rain. I may have gone to one of your parties, laughed at one of your jokes, or played games like Screw-Your-Neighbor on Sunday afternoons after church. Thank you all.

Statesman, I had fun taking pictures for your pages. It was kind of random how you and I came to be, but I think it was for the best. You pushed me to learn new techniques and to meet a lot of new people. I like that part the best.

Taco-Tuesday Crew, I have loved every Tuesday since September for the mere fact of Cafe Rio Tacos. Thank you for the girl talk, for the frustrations, the giggling, the boy craziness, and for trying to figure out life over marvelous Mexican cuisine. I don't know what I am going to do without my Taco-Tuesday Girl dates.

YSA 11th Ward, we were strong, united and we had possibly the best singles ward in Logan. My testimony of service, charity, love and hard work grew so much because of the examples that you set. You surrounded me with uplifting examples and I was able to uphold responsibilities that built life-long friendships and brought me closer to my Heavenly Father.

Roommates -- my sisters, my friends, you were my home away from home. You taught me charity and the importance to serve. You taught me what sisterhood means and how each person is a daughter of God. You have been a support and lifted me up when I have been weak. You have taught me humility and love through your examples and the sweet spirit that each of you have. Thank you.



Randi Lynn said...

That's it.
Who will do Taco Tuesday with me...

Jordan said...

...I just caved and read this post...I might have cried a little bit even. I love you girly!!