Friday, May 4, 2012

Me. . . Cinderella?

Two words:

cleaning out

packing up

clogged drain

loading car

washing walls

sweeping floor

collecting cash

saying goodbyes

finding treasures

It has been a day of moving - and I am both excited for the change and sad to see this part of my life pass away. I said from the beginning that 2012 was going to be a big year for me.
The reality is starting to sink in that I will never have a moment like this again.
It is weird to think that I could never come back to Logan as a free-willed young adult doing whatever I please whenever I want and having no one to worry about but myself.

Last year the night I moved home I sat on my bedroom floor and cried.
My mom walked in kind of worried, "I thought you were excited to move home?"
and I was- I love my home, but I was sad to leave Logan.
I was sad to leave my life there and those I love.
I hope I don't cry this year.

However tomorrow I begin my summer vacation.
There will be sunshine, family, adventures and romance 
(there are always summer romances)
It is going to be a magical one too-
there is an excitement that I can't describe inside of me just waiting to burst.


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