Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love drunk and hopeless.

Valentine's Day. Love Day. Hopeless Romantic's Day of Affection and care. . . Yes, today is the day where couple all over the United States are being twitterpated, love drunk and passionate about caring for that one significant other that makes their heart pound like subs at a Awolnation concert.

I never really cared for it before now. . . and I am not one of those love-sick girls who has a boyfriend waiting on her hand and foot (even though that would be nice). I have just come to terms with how beautiful it is to love someone. Everyone.

I even went as far as to dress up in pink and red just to celebrate how much I am loving this love day.

No "Singles Awareness Day" for me. There are too many people who I love and share my life with to be considered alone. . .

I just want to jump on my bed and sing Disney Love songs. . . Oh, wait.  I have already done that today!

Merry Valentine's Day!

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