Monday, February 6, 2012

Work hard, but love harder.

I love having a plan and knowing exactly what I am going to be doing EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY.

Some days my planning is so compulsive that people could consider me as being OCD.

But I like it. I like having a schedule. . . most of the time-

Other times I rebel . . . like today.

I should be reading a lovely book called A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper

I could be getting ahead of my classes because this week is going to be wild to say the least.

However I find myself looking at pictures and contemplating BIG decisions.

In the back of my mind I am telling myself to be anxious and worried, but for some reason I am calmer

now than I have ever been in my entire life (not counting childhood) . . .

I don't have a plan.

And the plans I do have change constantly.

Yesterday during fast and testimony meeting my roommate bore her testimony and said,

"The only constant plan is the Plan of Salvation."

I like this eternal mentality.

Life is constantly changing and I can't predict one day from another, but I do know this.

The church is true.

Christ lives.

And Heavenly Father loves me more than I can even comprehend.

Indescribable, but so alive.  

As for tonight. . .

I am on a Spiritual-high.

I want to crawl out my window, stand on the roof  and sing songs of happiness.

I want to yell down to everyone who passes by and wish the a beautiful day.

I want to dance in a summer rain

And I want to climb a tree and sit there thinking about the world below.

Life is beautiful, marvelous and sweet.

I hope I never let a day go by without tasting all of its miraculous flavors.

Merry Monday to you all!

Work hard and love harder.

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