Tuesday, May 10, 2011

shout out to my two favorite!

Well today was my first official day of summer, and I had planned on spending it unpacking from my move home. . . however that did not happen.  Instead I got up later than usual, missed my morning run because it was raining, and to be honest I didn't mind the few more hours of sleep.  After finally getting ready for the day Mama and I ran to the store.  See, I had a missionary photo session scheduled for today, like I said earlier it was raining and so we needed to make some inside backdrops- there you have it ladies and gentlemen, Capturing Dawn Photography is going studio.  Mama and I made make-shift backdrops out of bedsheets and paint.  I must said we pretty much rocked it!  One backdrop in less than an hour (not counting drying time) and I love it!
 After bringing the back drop in and setting up I made Mama pose for me.  She didn't really want to, but she was a good sport about it.  As soon as Shay walked in though, Mom was done and Shay was up.  She is used to it by now and has become quite the poser.  They both wanted me to get rid of these pictures, but to be quite honest I like them.  I like how true the picture is of my Mama and how Shaylie can pull off any look, even when she just got out of practice.  To cut to the chase, these two women are my favorite in the world, and it isn't just because they let me take pictures of them, there is more to it than that.  Thanks again, love you both!
Oh! and if you would like to check out pictures from the missionary shoot they are posted here, at my photography blog.

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