Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Simply Marvelous Life. Ashley!

I am going to Lake Powell tomorrow (today actually)
I have never been and I am EXTREMELY excited!
I had to finish up a quick session of edits first
check them out- I am quite pleased.
Then I realized that it was Tuesday. . . 
. . . .it has been a full week since my last 
and so here I am blogging at two in the morning

and I was getting away with it until just barely- being home means more structured sleeping habits. . . 
Mom, "Kelsie GET TO BED."  (I got this a lot growing up- I was always the last awake)

Hope you enjoy the glimpse into this lovely lady's life!
Ashley Michelle Langston

Childhood Ambitions:
To be a mom, and teacher. And I get to combine them soon!!!! Wildest Dream. To swim with dolphins

Current Reading:
Pride and Prejudice (VERY slowly)

My favorite? Moulin Rouge.

Paris, New York, Hawaii. Those are where I want to go. Where I go now is my bedroom or outside. First Job. Snow Cone Maker. I was the best. I worked at the Sno Shack. It rocked. Last Purchase. I think it was a Diet Dr. Pepper. Shocking. Before that it was cupcake stuff. Inspiration. Family, friends, nature, church

Proudest Moment:
When I turned in my grad packet. Seriously…best feeling ever Biggest Challenge. Patience. I suck at it.

Hidden Talent.:
It’s hidden…and will remain that way until it emerges. Something you have yet to do. A lot that I hope to do. Swimming with dolphins is one of them. Going skydiving is not. I hate heights.

Writings (blog):

- Two-bits from Miss Dawn: Hope you all have a marvelous week I will be back next week! (with a marvelous tan!)

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