Thursday, May 5, 2011


I know.  I have blogged a lot lately. . .
goodness I have just had a lot to say and you obviously like reading!
Please, try to enjoy it as much as I do.

. . . and yes Shay, this is your shirt.  I have had it at college for nearly two months now- Thanks for letting me borrow it without asking!  Love you!
Today is my last day in Logan- until next school year of course.
I move home tomorrow and even though I am so excited for the change I know it is going to be bittersweet.  There has been a lot that has happened this year.  I have grown so much and yet, it is hard to believe that it is over.  Where did the days go?

Last semester at this time I was having a rough time.  I got more homesick than I had ever been and to encourage me I came up with the moto that "I am in Control"- check it out here.  And for a long time it really helped me to feel happy- after all I had total control on how I felt, whether I wanted to be happy or not was entirely my choice. . . . Or so I thought.  My perspective has change however, I am not entirely in control.  Now of course I an choose how I react to circumstance, but there is more to it than that.

I was reading some passages from my journal last night- I was on a journal kick and to be quite honest I didn't want to study for a final that I have today (I am really not all that worried for it though, I know the material- and no matter the outcome my grade will stay the same).  It was fun to read about some of the problems that I was going through and then as I would read on I would see how the Lord played a huge roll in the outcome.  Over and over again blessings were pouring from my treasured pages.  While reading I felt foolish in a sense to have gotten so down on myself.  I felt ridiculous for ever questioning "why"- when every little trial shaped me.

PERSPECTIVE.  Goodness gracious.  This word has so much meaning to me and it has taught me so many lessons.  Have you ever wondered what life looks through another person's eyes.  I do this a lot.  While carrying on a casual conversation I will wonder what it is like talking to me through another's eyes.  Different experiences, behaviors, values, beliefs change the way we look at things- Changes our perspective.  Oh what I would give sometimes to have the perspective of another being- of course I would never trade my own, but think how intense that would be.

HOLD THE PHONE.  Are you putting two and two together?  There is someone who has ultimate perspective.  The Lord.  There is nothing that He doesn't know and doesn't understand.  By the Atonement Jesus Christ suffered for not only our sins, but all our afflictions. (deep breath)  It is a simple, yet MARVELOUS truth.  He feels our highest highs and lowest lows, loving us through it all.  He is ALWAYS ready to help us up and guide us through our troubles IF we turn to Him.  The ultimate perspective.  He knows what we must go through to become the Kings and Queens of His kingdom.  Can you feel the truth?  Pray.

Love. Gratitude. and Joy.

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