Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dear Thursday:

Dear Thursday,
I think you are great.  Even though last night I had dreams of tornados- continuously tossing and turning.  Today I am going to treat you well because you have given me the opportunity of today- a day that can never be re-lived.  There will only be one Thursday like you, and you will never be replaced!
So, thank you for sharing your lovely blue sky and nice weather with me- it is simply perfect!


I usually wish people Happy Wednesdays, for various reasons, but today is Thursday and Marvelous-
I don't want to still Wednesday's thunder, so for today I am wishing you all a Jolly Thursday!

I am off to work now!  I get to go paint my pool!  I am truly excited- no sarcasm included, I am being dead serious right now!

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