Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Simply Marvelous Life. Hillary

I grew up with Hillary. 
She is funny, blond, innocent and simply marvelous to be around.
No matter what I know that Hillary is always there to listen if I need someone to talk to.
Hillary has an amazing talent with kids and patience that will beat all odds.
I love this girl!

Enjoy todays' Simply Marvelous Life post.
Hillary Sue Brown

Childhood Ambitions: 
To be a mom and preschool teacher/own my own daycare. Wildest Dream. Scuba diving in Hawaii

Current Reading: 
The Ultimate Gift

It really depends on my mood for the day.

Hawaii and New York-watch a New York Yankees baseball game! 

First Job: 
Care A lot Day Care. I started my sophomore year in high school and loved every minute of it! 

Last Purchase: 
Pepsi (much needed because of finals)

Family, Friends, Gospel

Proudest Moment: 
Doing Sterling Scholar and put all that time and work into all my projects. It made a difference in my life. 

Biggest Challenge:
Not stressing over the little things in life, and just do the best I can with whatever comes my way. 

Something you have yet to do: 
Visit all 50 states (only 30 more to go), and live life to the fullest!

Writings (blog): hillarysue.blogspot.com

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