Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Read this. It will make your day!

Marvelous day at D4!

So, basically I LOVE stories!  I love listening to them, telling them, and the reactions that others get from them!  

(clearing of throat)  Here is my story for today and IT JUST BARELY HAPPENED!

I hope you all find it as humorous as I do.

I am usually not home during this time of the day on Wednesdays.  I am usually at my Crossfit class, but today I didn't go.  I didn't have to- and why would I put my body through something like that when I didn't have to?  
Instead I ate a lovely salad topped with a boiled egg, cranberries and cheese.  Just thinking about how marvelous that was in my mouth makes me smile while I am typing this story!  I have also been doing some intense "research" via Blogger.  
All my roommates were either still at school or upstairs so I was all alone in the living room enjoying my "Me-time" when I heard the door knob start turning.  The thought went through my head that it shouldn't be doing that.  Everyone was either upstairs or at school who lived here, and the J3 boys aren't so quiet.  Before I realized it a man was in my doorway.  I have never before seen this man in my life, but from first glance he seemed nice and he was nice looking.  For a moment, yes just a moment, we "stared into each others eyes". . . okay, not really.  It was more like we looked at each other with very confused expressions, not really sure what is going one.  He stood there for about ten seconds.  I even think he said hello, then he started noticing his surroundings. . . I am sure the thought went through his head "Where did that Giraffe picture come from?" and then it donned on him.  The cute stranger started going red in the face and backed out of the door way before anymore could be said. 

Now, even I have made the simple mistake of going into the wrong apartment.  It is easy to get confused when all the buildings look the same.  Lucky enough for me when I walked into the wrong apartment no one was there to catch me in my act.  Another thing, when I walked into the wrong apartment it was the beginning of Fall semester. . . we are now drawing near the finals week of Spring semester!  Poor kid.  His mind must have been on something else- I have my theories.

  1. This unfortunate soul couldn't resist the smell of my perfume it lured him in like Pepe le Pew
  2. He was in a complete daze due to lack of sleep and stress of finals
  3. (complements of Randi) "Something unbeknown to him led him there.  Like he just had some magical connection to you apartment and he was subconsciously being led there without his consent but he just couldn't stop himself" 
Yep I like Randi's the best!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Now, because there is always a story within a story this is what took place while I was sharing my lovely adventure with Randi:

Tami was cleaning up the hair balls off the floor.  Hairballs are quite common in D4 especially since there are five girls who live here who have longish hair. . . it is just a fact of life.  Well, she conjured up quite the wad of hair and because I think hairballs are funny Tami came down and showed me.  At that moment I had the epiphany to take the ball of hair down to our lovely J3 brothers.  I thought it was a thoughtful idea since the semester is almost over and we will all be going our own ways this hairball was a way they could take a piece of us with them where ever they went.  Because we thought it to be so special the plan was to surprise them!  
Tami and I ran down to their apartment set the hairball on the back of their couch and left hoping that when they saw this symbol of love they would be filled with much joy and cherish it forever.  We quickly retreated to our apartment.

Ten minutes later. . . 
My doorknob started wiggling again.  This time more aggressive than before, but the hope for that poor young man danced across my mind, "He has returned!  Randi was right!"  I leaned over the chair to assist the one on the other side of the door- when my door flung open and two rowdy boys came bouncing into my apartment.  These boys were familiar- too familiar.  Tyson and Brian, two of the six J3 boys, ran into my kitchen before I even had time to think. . .  In Tyson's hand was a cool-whip container and a lighter.  
"Oh NO!  Not incense" was the only thing I could think they would light in our apartment. . .yes they have done that before and it is terrible- the smell didn't leave for days.  I had to stop them!  Tyson was by the stove already lighting away before I had even got off the chair.  Brian was guarding the entrance to the kitchen.  There was no way for me to get in!  I called for help.  Tami and Jordan were upstairs doing homework- I NEEDED BACKUP!  
Poor Brian, I punched him in the arm a few times to break down his barrier, but there was no hope.  By the time Tami and Jordan came down Tyson and Brian had started to head for the door, leaving behind the smoldering cool-whip container.  I ran in to put out the flame when the repulsive odor of a hair-perm and cow branding filled my nostrils!  IT WAS THE HAIR! 
At this point I don't know which could be worse- the smell of incense or the smell of burt hair.  Currently  the kitchen window and the front door are both open hoping to circulate some fresh hair into our home.  

I know. . . we asked for it- 

Oh, by the way:  Happy Wednesday Everyone! (:


Randi Lynn said...

Both stories are even funnier the second time around :)

Anonymous said...

Revenge of the Hairball! it just keeps haunting us haha

Kellie Valeen said...

sick. I am so glad I wasn't around. haha

Eric Richardson said...

I wouldn't know what cow branding smells like I am a city boy.

Sherece Bloodsoe said...

Hahaha this made me laugh so hard! I love it!