Tuesday, April 26, 2011

11:33 PM (dedicated to my IWA squad)

It is my bed time, past it actually.  About a month ago, give or take a few days, I gave myself a bed time.  For a few reasons:
  1. In institute I learned that when you have more rest you are more open to receive personal revelation because you are tuned into the Spirit.
  2. I have started to get up early to go to the gym to work out- I have needed to get back to a schedule.
  3. Early to bed, early to rise is just healthy- look it up.
Tonight however I am awake and as the minutes pass by (it is now 11:36 PM)  I am feeling guilty for staying up so late.  I just need to write though- writing is my escape.

I had the best time tonight.  It was the last activity for my IWA (Institute Women's Association) group and we went out with a bang.  I absolutely love Mama B and all the girls that surround me while I am there.  I feel so loved and so welcome!  The Lord loves me, knows me and has put these strong girls in my life to remind me of these simple truths.  I wish I could capture those feelings in a jar and whenever I needed a little pick-me-up I could just take some out of the jar and relive it all over again.  I do know that no matter what, those girls will always be there for me.

Top 10 Favorite things of tonights activity (no particular order):
  1. Mama B's AMAZING FOOD!  We had soup in bread bowls- I can't describe the marvelousness!
  2. Getting to REALLY know more of my IWA sisters!  They are just so perfectly lovely!
  3. Mama B's house is so charming and Spiritual.
  4. Testimony and story time! (LOVED THIS PART!)
  5. Baring my testimony- it was such an overwhelming feeling
  7. The love and unity I felt for everyone in the room.
  8. Discovery of fellow blog-buddies! 
  9. Laughing!  When the Rebekah Chapter gets together we GET TOGETHER!  'nuff said!
  10. Drive to Lewiston!  (We didn't get lost! AND we didn't even have to turn around once!) 
It was simply marvelous in every way.  I am going to miss my girls and Mama B.

Current time 11:40 PM.

I have been on a roller coaster of sorts the last few days.  Not necessarily a bad roller coaster, but it has had its fair share of ups and downs.  One moment I am happy, the next sad- then I am hyper and bouncing off the walls, not too long after I find myself deep and concentrated on thoughts.  I will admit I called my mom on the phone Monday evening and just cried to her (if you know me I am not much of a crier) I felt better afterwards though.  
Maybe it is because it is the end of the year.  With everything coming to a head like an ugly zit just waiting to explode with forces of puss- aka: emotion and stress.  Actually that probably has a lot to do with it.  There are other factors too of course- there has to be.

Time: 11:46 PM.

I just got off of a Facebook chat with my mom.  She asked why I was still awake.  It made me laugh a little bit because when I was living at home there is no way I would be even closed to going to bed at this time.  We talked about my night and how great IWA was.  (If you haven't picked it up already I talk to my mom nearly every day,  usually more than once- I like talking to my mama.)  We also talked about some other things  that were weighing on my mind.  My mom always has the best advice, this is what she told me:

"One thing that I know that helps is to pray about all probolems not that things 
change but the way you look at things does."

I have been taught this principle since I was little, but little reminders help.  They help so much.  
Prayer is a powerful thing.  My Heavenly Father loves me, He thinks I am beautiful.  Oh HE LOVES ME and that is all I need.  Sometimes I forget and get caught up in the craziness of the world when all that really matters is the Love that I feel from my Savior.  Simple truths are so pure and beautiful.

Ending time: 11:54 PM.

This picture really has nothing to do with anything despite give you something pretty to look at while you read my post.  I took it last summer coming home from a movie with my friend Kaden.  It makes me excited for summer sun sets!


Anonymous said...

Just read your post, it made me cry. I love you much. Mom

Randi Lynn said...

Bloooooog buddies!

Ashley Michelle said...

More blog buddies!!!!

I love you Kels. You're the greatest. Ever. :)