Friday, March 18, 2011

Mission: Eat Food, Feed Hunger

Once upon a time there were four STARVING roommates
who didn't want to cook dinner.
The oldest of the roommates offered to buy HOT-N-READY pizza.
The other three roommates agreed.
So they were off on their quest.
The four of them decided since 
because the last time they got 
HOT-N-READY pizza they down one box that
this time they would buy TWO boxes of pizza
plus (+) CRAZY BREAD!
The plan was made.
The journey was underway.

Hoping in the ever trusty Durango 
D4 quad made their way down 10th and onto main
where traffic was merely bearable 
and even though they were growing weak with hunger 
they made it - all of them. 
No casualties!

While purchasing the worthy pie
the growl of our inner beings started breaking out.
Not much longer and we would have been devoured.
Turned on by the big-ones* who eat the little ones*
The pie was received.
We made a break for it dashing out the door!

Then we were faced with a choice:
1. Stop an eat the pizza on the curb of Little Caesar's (my choice)
2. Drive home and eat in the kitchen (it was growing cold again)
After quick decisions making 
We saddled back in to the Durango,
escaping to the solitude of the castle.

10 minutes from walking through the gate of safety
the pizza was all but disposed of.
(Don't worry we prayed.  It was a marvelous blessing experience to say the least.)
Leaving only three pieces of pizza.
Mission: Eat Food, Feed Hunger 

Thanks for providing the pizza Kellie! 

*Big-ones: the big fishes that eat the little fishes inside your tummy!
- My mom used to tell this to my siblings and I when we would complain about being hungry.

Today I love this song!

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