Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

Song of the Day! - dedicated to you ;)

It is a marvelous day today!  And to tell you the truth I can't exactly tell you why.  It snowed last night which usually leads me to being bummed, but no not today.  It is freezing outside, my pants are soaked clear up to mid calf, but still it is a beautiful day.  I am home for school on my break, I should be doing homework, but I can't.  I am too giddy for homework- my thoughts are running in circles and jumping up and down wanting to scream out at the top of my lungs!  In fact if we didn't have plastic on our windows I would open it right now and yell at the people standing in line at the bus stop and wish them a beautiful day!  (There is plastic on our windows to keep the cool air out- well at least that is what it is SUPPOSE to do. . . )

So yesterday I set up an appointment to change my major. . . FOR REALS this time.  I am actually going to go through with this, and I feel really good about it!   I am getting really excited to pursue this dream of mine.  Okay now for the my decision: I have decided to go into Journalism and Communications!  When I was younger I wanted to be an author, I wanted to write children's books.  Not very many people knew this, but then again growing up I wanted to be lots of things.  I do love writing though- I do it all the time.  This major also includes Human Relations which is another big thing I am interested in.  Life is good- I have direction and I love it.
Did I mention life is good?
It is.
And I love it.

Let it be known that I, Kelsie, am on a high! Dah! 
Hope your day is as splendid as mine! (:  

Miss Dawn

P.S. Last night was amazing.  Let me just say that I love having the Priesthood in my life.  Thanks guys! Really, thank you all so so much!

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Kellie Valeen said...

Kelsie, we share this happy day together. And... Amen a thousand times to your 'p.s.' Love you! :)