Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Running a Marathon. Like a real one.

Ladys and Gentlemen. . .(clearing of the throat)
I am going to run a Marathon. . . Crazy? maybe just slightly.
When I moved up to Logan I got this urge to run a long race in my life time. . .  
Where it came from? I have no idea because I- HATED- RUNNING as an athlete in high school.

My friend "Cross-Fit Keni" told me that she was having these same urges to run!
I looked at her, wide-eyed (well as wide as my squinty little eyes get). and replied with, "ME TOO!"
At that moment we both knew that we were destined to be Marathon buddies!
Keni's goal was to run a Marathon by the time she was 25 years old- mind you she is only a year older than me- totally do able. . . Then Keni came back from the weekend break and said she was going to run the Top of Utah- THIS SEPTEMBER!  
With no hesitation I agreed.  

September 17, 2011 I am running a Marathon.
There is going to be lots of dedication involved. 
as well as:
Pain- mostly pain.
Life-style change.
-But hey it will be good right- 

I watched my friend Parker run in the Marathon last year.  
He kicked butt- and when he was done he basically died. . . I may just kill over-

Wish me luck- I have a long run ahead of me.

Did you know a Marathon is 26.2 miles?- just sayin'

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