Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring Fever?

Sunday afternoon it was 54 degrees
Yes, it was a whoppin' 54 degrees in February
IN LOGAN none the less.
It felt like summer.

I pulled out my cut-off shorts
threw on a t-shirt
and the J3 boys joined us for a picnic on the lawn!
(I was sick with Spring Fever!)

Not even a week later we have snow
not just a skiff either
I am talking SIX INCHES (at least)

The warmth was good while it lasted.
my tulips keep me happy.

Jordan + cooking = lots of food = happy Kelsie

Next week is going to be crazy
I hope it goes by fast
I am going home next weekend!
I need to go support my LADY WOLVES
particularly my SHAY!

Besides I am her TRUE #1 fan! 

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