Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Merry Christmas today!

It is a sad day when all the Christmas decorations get put away.
It makes the house feel empty and bare- like there is something missing.
I would love to say I am one of those people who love to clean, but I am not. . . actually I straight out suck at cleaning- I get too distracted with the things I am supposed to be putting away, I guess you could say I just don't have the attention span for such things.
However when it comes to cleaning up the Christmas stuff it isn't just the lack of enthusiasm it is the dread of acknowledging that the season is over-

Soon enough I will be back at school.
I probably won't be home again for a few months.
I am going to long for my family and wish I was in the security of my home again.
I am going to wish for the magic of Christmas.
The power and hope that this time of year brings.

My mom has started to pull out the boxes- the cages that house the Shepherds and Wise Men throughout all the summer months.  These boxes trap the Nutcrackers, and close off all the beautiful twinkle lights and smells.
I don't want Christmas to go away.  I wish I could take it to school with me.  I would shove it in the Durango and keep it there- then when days are rough and I need to find an escape I will hop behind the wheel and Christmas and I will go and have a light parade, we will remember Christ and have his strength and power that this season brings to my heart.

O wait- ha!  I can take Christmas with me!  (BOM)
Hope you have a Merry Christmas today!

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