Sunday, January 16, 2011

nice to meet you.

A blur.  A dream.  A wish.  A memory.
Life changes so fast-  Life IS fast.
I often hear how people wish they could go back in time and relive parts of their lives.  People often long for the times that they could go back to the "easier" days when things were less stressful and crazy.
My question to them is why?
Life is worth living NOW whether it is stressful or not- crazy or dull.
Life is what you make of it and well I must say today I feel very full of life.

Today is January fifteenth.  Gosh where has my week gone?  Yesterday was my nieces birthday and by the time I realized the date it was too late to call. (Happy Birthday my sweet Niah!)  I put off homework until I am left with oodles and oodles for Monday (nice work Kels).  Last but not least I got a phone call from Lulu who wants to know when she can come sleep at my house.  Hello January sixteenth- glad you could stop by.  Too bad I will only know you for a short while before you have left me like all those other days gone by.

I like the don't love cleaning it is a fact.  It isn't necessarily cleaning that I dislike so much it is not knowing where to start.  Then there are those days that everyone falls into every now and again.  Those days of complete craziness where all you do is clean.  I feel productive, but with that same token my list of things to do has only grown.  Luckily it is Sunday- I can put off the list for one more day.

I bought a green rocker today at the D.I. for our apartment and well I am absolutely in love - pictures to come.

My apologize for the randomness of this post- but to be quite honest. . . I really don't care how random it is (: enjoy.

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