Sunday, January 30, 2011


It is simple I love Fridays.
I wish today was Friday, and tomorrow and so on and so forth. . .
I only have one class on Fridays and then I go to Religion and Life which makes my day even that much betters.
Fridays are the beginning of the weekend.
It is the first of a multi day adventure.
Fridays mean no school the next day.

Fridays = Happiness.
the end.

No offense to today (Sunday)  I love you too- I mean I always gain a lot from my sabath.
For instance today I:

  • 90% of LDS boys know how and enjoy cooking (I like this statistic)
  • I need to prepare to ask THE HARD QUESTIONS.
  • Jordan makes a mean Manicotti.
  • Dressy candle light dinners are always fun with friends.
  • There is a certain "look" that girls give guys when they want to be kissed. . . I did not know this.
I am now going to start making banana bread, even if it is almost ten.  
Better late than never!

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