Monday, January 31, 2011

a year ago.

A year ago I was spending countless hours at the school.  I school would start at eight and often times I didn't get home until midnight because I was putting together my Sterling Scholar Portfolio.  At the time I remember feeling anxious, nervous, irritable, confused, unprepared and sort of like I was wasting my time.  I wasn't completely sold on why I was making this portfolio- I had put it in my mind that I wasn't going to win- but my goal was to get acknowledged as a runner up.  
My Sterling Scholar became my everyday activity - especially through the months of January and February.  I would make a page- get it edited for design.  Write on the page- get it edited for grammar.  (this process was on going)  Then when I had all my pages finished I asked so many people to look through it and give me their two-bits.  EDITING WAS CRAZY!  Then I practiced interviewing (I love interviewing- is that weird?) Questions were asked all through my classes, I practiced with my fellow sterling scholar runners and then we even set up mock interviews.  To this day I am still indebted to all those who took time to help me.  
All this work paid off.  The day of the portfolio review was intense- I made myself sick and even though I felt really good about how my review went I was still ridiculously nervous.  All the applicants I was going against were so talented, dedicated and through my eyes so deserving of the award.  

I still can't believe I won. . . 
I worked long and hard on these pages and even today I look at it and feel pleased with the outcome.



I was also working on this:




I was compiling some histories of my high school.  I will one day finish this huge project!  I really like how far I got though.

I get distracted so easily. . .
back to homework-


Warrior Princess said...

wow!! kelsie that is amazing!

Michael Chamberlain said...

I really liked your sterling scholar book. Just so you know it was very impressive and this school history is amazing where did you get all of the info. and pictures?

miss dawn said...

I collected everything from our school's history, and from people in the community. I only got a little bit of it too- and the book isn't even half way finished! It is crazy!