Thursday, December 9, 2010

final. finally.

I have a headache.  That doesn't usually happen to me.  Maybe it is because I have a ponytail that is too tight, or perhaps I haven't drank enough water, it could even be the stress of all the "things" I should be doing, but instead I just keep putting off. . . I guess it could be all of those things and the fact that I need more sleep. . .  Yep that is it all of it.

I gave up on the "30 Day Challenge" . . . ha I can't believe I even tempted.  There is too much on my mind that I could blog about to even waste time on some of those prompts, besides I like my own ideas better. . . end of excuses- I just straight out don't want to do the "30 Day Challenge" anymore.

Finals Week is just around the corner and I am dreading it. . . Not because I am nervous about my finals because honestly they aren't going to be dreadfully hard (well I might slightly be nervous for my ECON test, but I don't like ECON. end of story.)  I am dreading it because I want to go home.  I have a case of "cabin fever" but instead I am going to call it "Logan fever".  I love Logan don't get me wrong but I WANT TO GO HOME!  I want to watch Shay play basketball, I want to play with my girls, I want to laugh hysterically with all my friends!  I am anxious to have late night conversations with my Grandma at her kitchen table until we are both falling asleep.  I can't wait to sleep in my own bed and do laundry whenever I want AND PAY NOTHING (I am so sick of trying to scrounge up all the quarters I can- such a pain).  I want to take pictures, I want to paint, I want to sleep in my own bed, and not have to worry being the first one up to get a hot shower.  I can't wait to be home so that I can spend the afternoons with my mom talking about boys, school, my siblings, and anything else that I have missed out on while I have been away to school. . . .I wish FINALS week could be canceled, that way I could be on my way home tomorrow!  (one more week, I can do this). . . I will also be missing "The Forgotten Carols" this year because of finals week.  I was distraught when I found out that it was the Tuesday of Finals. . . I even considered driving down Tuesday and coming back Wednesday, but that wouldn't work, I have two study sessions that night.  BUM!

So I may be slightly irritated today- but just slightly. . . I call days like these my "Kelly Clarkson Days" because all I want to do is listen to her CD and sing about the power of women and the stupidness of boys -- (to all those "male" figures that read my blog, don't take offense- I need a release and so I took it out on the male population.  I feel better if that counts for anything?)  And while I was singing my little heart out I cut snowflakes, lots and lots of snowflakes!  I made a snowflake mobil and then we put some of them on our wall. . . Now that is a funny story:

Funny Story:
So a few weeks ago, like the first of November we had a party.
We invited some of our neighbors over to eat food and well to make friends.
The party was a hit! (I have become quite the party thrower)
Anyhow we have a small hallway that leads to our kitchen. . 
The group of people were swarmed in the kitchen and this hallway.
One of our guests rested his foot up on the wall
and well to cut to the chase his foot went through our wall . . .
Mind you this was no little fellow, but a shoe size of 14 footed fellow.
Poor kid felt so bad, but luckily we have it mostly fixed.
(I made a video of the fixing processes that I still need to post- thanks for the help Sam.)
We now have a wall now, but it hasn't been textured or painted yet.
So to hide the uncoloredness of the wall we put snowflakes on it.
Good idea huh!  Thank you!

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Team Cowan said...

Love the snowflakes. We have some hanging in our front window. :)

How about you come over when you get home and take pictures of me and my three boys?? i'll pay you with a caramel apple that you can eat all by yourself. ;)