Monday, December 6, 2010

Here goes nothing. Day 1.

Well here it goes- the "30 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE". . .
I don't know as if I really need this to spark any ideas or random thoughts that I have just waiting to escape this brain of mine, but hey what-the-heck I guess I will try it out and see how far I get with it!  Here goes nothing:

Day 1: A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself.

1. I have a "KISS" tongue- aka: a really long tongue.  I can touch my nose with it and the bottom of my chin, and when I stick it out just to show it off it curls on the end.

2. I LOVE birthdays.  I am super excited to grow old and to have the experiences of a life time.  I am excited live my life every new day and to start fresh with every morning just to enjoy every hour of the day that I have been given.

3. I have always been a "deep", "mature", "sensitive", "sincere" person- even as a child I would have deep thoughts and huge perspectives that I don't even understand.

4. When I see shooting stars I don't wish on them.  It started when I was little- a shooting star would fly across the sky, someone would tell me to make a wish- when I started to wish for something I would feel foolish and stop. . . then I would fold my arms and say the "wish" as a prayer.  Since then I have never "wished" on a shooting star again- but instead they are reminders for me to pray.

5. I love rough-housing and wrestling!  I get it from being raised by four older brothers I am sure of it!  I think I can handle my own and I am okay with that- I like to pounce on people play around being all sorts of wild and crazy!

6. I flirt. I flirt a lot.  I can't help it.  It causes me troubles sometimes. . . Oops!  sorry it is just my nature.  I don't really have a "personal-space bubble" that so many people talk about, I wish I did sometimes though.  However- flirting has its benefits too. . . It helps a girl to get what she wants. Sometimes.

7. I have an active conscience.  I am thankful I guess.

8. I went through an "ugly-awkward" stage that completely changed my life.  I was, in my mom's words, "a homely looking child."  She wasn't being mean- we were looking at some old pictures and we came across one where I had a bum-crack part, glasses, spacey teeth, chubby cheeks still, and my body was just unproportional- I was ginormous compared to everyone else in my class- in fact I have only grown one inch since sixth grade. . . This "ugliness" though humbled me and taught me to except people for who they truly are, not by how they look.  I am grateful for the "ugliness" I had, a blessing.

9. I have more guy friends than girl friends.  (Fact: guys are easier to talk to.  Myth: guys don't have any drama.)

10. I am a hairspray-aholic.  I love the smell, the sound, the way it makes my hair look.  It is an addiction that I will live with.

11. I was never allowed to wear sweatpants to school just because- I only could if it was a "pj day" or a team-sweatpant day.  School is a place for learning not for lounge, that's how I was raised and I like that modo.  My brother Bryan made me promise him that I would never go to school like I had just rolled out of bed.  It is very important to me to keep that promise- after all Bryan has always been a big example in my life.

12.  Sleep has always been on of my last priorities.  I am a night owl, but I love mornings too.  I know that sleep is very important and that without it my functioning skills suck, but in those hours that I am sleeping think of all the things I could be accomplishing.

13. I love to please people. . I guess that makes me a People-Pleaser. . . I know, I know,  I can't please everyone, but gosh dang I would sure like to try.  I love to see people happy.  I have been told over and over that it isn't possible but I would much rather hurt than cause someone pain or disappointment.

14. My nose looks just like my grandma's.  I love her and I love sharing her nose.  I am her favorite- she told me (You are probably thinking that she tells every grandchild that, but for reals I am her favorite. . ask her.)  Mom would say that my nose is turned up like a ski jump, then she would always run her fingers down my nose and jump them off the end of my nose- I would always laugh.  I have a different nose, but I love it.  My nose is cold right now- it is always the first thing to get cold.

15. I have no desire to be rebellious, nor have I have had that desire.  I guess that is interesting. . . most people want to do something illegal or rebellious, but not me.  I have always been the "teacher's pet"  "Molly Mormon" "Miss Goodie Two-Shoes"  It used to bug me, but I don't mind anymore.  I have standards and concerns, deal with it.

P.S. do you think I look like my grandma!


Kaden Krause said...

1 brought back memories. 2 took me back to homemade wrapping paper. 3 reminded me of "hi kids". 4 "her faith is amazing." 5 Mr. Payne's class when I threw you onto a table rough housing. 6 um...oh yes. 7 generous as well. 8. I'm sorry I laughed all the way through 8. 9 =). 10 Also Sharpies. 11 "you test better if you are dressed better. 12 "I'm so tired!" 13 "sure i'll do that" *walks away* "Why did I just tell her I would do that?!" 14 "love you infinity." 15 separate tents. =)

Taylor said...

Kels, I disagree with #9. Seems to me that guys bring drama...just saying :) cant wait til you get home!