Sunday, November 21, 2010

winter blues. already?

I think I suffer from the "Winter Blues" (aka: seasonal depression)
I desperately need sunshine!  I love the summer when I get to sit all day in the sun and feel the warmth of its light kiss my body.  I love breathing in the fresh air and enjoying myself in the good 'ol vitamin D that is absorbed through all of my pores.
I read in the Statesman (the USU newspaper) that seasonal depression is just a mental case, and it maybe- I wouldn't doubt it.  BUT my mental state says that snow=sadness.  BLAH!  Where oh where did my sunshine go?
On a positive note: I believe that I am my only cure and in turn I must push myself to see the positive perspective of things.

1) Today I went singing at the care center.  So much joy comes from that place- so much heart ache too.
-Eveylin made me simply happy, we sing to her every week, every week I hug her and asks if she remembers me- nope. But I find joy from her smile and her laugh and the way her face lights up every time we walk into her room.
-Parker talking to and elder lady who was enjoying herself in the hallway:
     Parker: "What is your name?"
     Elderly Lady: "Henryetta"
     Nurse: "No it's not!  Its Julie"
     Elderly Lady (with a big grin on her face): "Oh yeah!  That's it!"
-Singing while one of the residents played his harmonica
-Visiting the couple in the front who are always looking out the window.  The lady bundled up tight while sitting in her wheelchair and her husband sitting next to her grasping her hand- spending every moment he can just to be by her side.  True love.  I want that some day!
-Laughing at the man who owns the hallways on his motorized chair.  I don't know how he can maneuver that thing the way he does!  Amazing.
-The joy of music in the lives of so many people.  I love that even though some of the residents at the care center can't even remember their names or anything about themselves they still know the words to the hymns and sing them at the top of their lungs with us.  I love it.

2) The Christmas music that I am blasting in my ears right now!  I love the holidays.  I love that is is the holiday season once again.  I get to go home and see my family.  There is love everywhere.  It is almost like I can smell it in the air!

3) I am so thankful for the arts.  I went to the John Smicht concert on Saturday.  It was amazing.  People with such talent make me happy!  I would much rather go to a concert like that than to a rock concert any day.  It was marvelous- I am still in awe of the musician that that man is.

4) I love that people enjoy the pictures that I take.  I love that I can express the way I look at things through the photos I take.  I have always been a very deep thinker.  I analyze EVERYTHING and so everything I look at I take it in through so many different perspectives.

5) My roommates are amazing.  Even though I am feeling homesick this night I feel like they are my home away from home and I am so grateful for ALL of them!  I love them.

My life is great.  I have been blessed with so much and I am so happy.  It is easy to feel happy after making a list of things to be happy for. . . And now, as it always is when I am blogging late. . . I must go and type a three page research paper that is due tomorrow.  Talk about procrastination.  - And no, I have not started.

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