Sunday, November 21, 2010

To my Bosty.

To my dearest Bosty-sauce,
I miss your craziness!  I miss you wanting me to spin you around and around just to have me stop and have you say "'gain Kels- one, two, three- 'gain!"   I love your spunky little self and wish I could watch you grow up.  I wish I could have celebrated your birthday with you and kissed your face repetitively just to hear you giggle and feel you squirm in my arms!  I love you saucy!

The Holidays are killer- I wish I was home.  I don't think I have been more homesick at school until this point.  I just want to go home- my real home where my family is.  I want to be around those who have known me my entire life and that love me unconditionally.  I want to be by my family- and to enjoy all the simple moments that we share.  I want to laugh at the dry jokes my dad tells, I want to rough-house this kids and to paint my mom's toe-nails.  I want to cuddle up with my sister in her bed and talk about boys and how stupid they are.  I want to have late night conversations with my grandma Rueleen who ALWAYS has the best advice.  I want to help around the house.  I want to be able to escape to my home and just to get away from school and life- but here school is life and no matter where I go I have to deal with my own problems.  I have to figure things out on my own, and I have to grow up- all things I am not fond of.
I have ALWAYS been really close to my family.  I would often skip out on hanging out with my friends just so I could spend that time with my family.  I would give anything to be home right now.  This last week I have wondered why I came to USU.  I have asked myself over and over why I didn't choose a school closer to home, a school that I could have gone to for a very little cost.  I would have known people.  I could go home just to spend the afternoon and make it to class on time the next day.
I want to be home.  I miss my family.  I miss my kids.  I miss my friends.  I miss everything familiar about home.


The Masons said...

That picture is so cute! Yes! I definately want you to take my girls pics!! Maybe over Thanksgiving? Hang in there! We will see you soon!!!

mason said...

Oh...Kelsie Kels!!! You are the best ever!! Bosty giggled when I read her your post. You know that your kids will love you for-e-ver!

mason said...

Oh and by the way....Halee wishes you were here too. She LOVED just hanging out the other weekend. She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES you!! The two of you ALWAYS have and ALWAYS will share a bond that nobody could describe. I knew it from the first time that you held her!!