Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hallow's Eve

I don't love Halloween very much at all, even though dressing up is my forte.  I think Halloween changes the character of people by the things they choose to wear.  But as I said before I do absolutely love dressing up!  Since I played MOD all last year I had to be something completely different, something that was out of my norm!  So- after a lot of thought and contemplation I decided to be a PIRATE!  Argh!  
I knew exactly where to get my costume too.  When I was in sixth grade I was a pirate in the school musical Peter Pan, so I called my mom right up and asked if she would bring my costume up with her when she went to the volleyball games.  Lucky enough for me the costume pretty much fit (I was a big sixth grader, give me a break!) the shirt was a little snug.  Sam played too-  We were partners in crime. . . Well actually I was the captain and he was my apprentices.
I cooked dinner for a crew and I was so excited to have one of my AMIGOS stop by!  Taylor was in Logan with Kalon on this Hallow's Eve so I pounced on the opportunity to spend some time with my buddies.  They pulled off the nerd look very well if I dare say so myself!
I went to the famous USU Howl!  Well I guess you could say that I stood in line at the Howl for about an hour and a half and spent oh maybe a half hour at the most actually inside.  I didn't really like it- It made me feel uncomfortable and where there was so many fun things to do and participate in I just didn't like it. . .
I did have a marvelous Halloween though!  I was able to have a few heart-to-hearts with those I love, I played dress-up, cooked food, had a party, and enjoyed the weekend playing with my friends!  

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