Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Rilez-D

I love this picture of Rilee.  Rilee has many nicknames like surgar, crazy, fuzz and I for one call her Rilez -D
She is beautiful.
I drove down to Provo with Sam to go watch my sister play during the state volleyball tournament (she represented by the way!)
That evening all the Mason Support Group went out for dinner- haha I wonder if we intimidate the servers with our large numbers.  While we were waiting to be seated, because it takes a while to seat fifteen people Sam and I were entertaining the little chillins!
Rilee and I decided that we would count and name off all the people who would be eating dinner with us tonight.  She went around the room and when she had gotten to Sam she called him Deven!  bahaha now this could have been a very embarrassing moment for me, but it wasn't and I couldn't stop laughing!    Poor Rilee though felt so bad!
Sam was really good about it and soon enough Rilee warmed right back up to him.

I love my family and it was so good to see them tonight!
Good Luck with the rest of state Shay I wish I could have stayed and watched you play.  You kicked butt though I must add!  Way to represent!


mason said...

LOL!! That was too funny!!

shaylie said...

We took 6th :D we will take that with HONOR!!! :) haha love you! Thanks for coming! and it was wonderful to see you and tell sam hi!! Thats too funny