Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hello CHANGE, so we meet again.

It is amazing how fast things can change.
One day the trees are lush and green, full of life- then the next rich colors of red and orange appear, until a morning soon to come I will look out my window and see bare branches being frostbitten by the brisk extreme weather.
A baby so reliable becomes independent and free from one day to the next.
Friendships one day may become nothing but mere acknowledgement that one exists the next- nothing personal, nothing real.
Change is the only constant.

If I had a book written on my life- and each year I lived I gave a theme, kind of like a chapter, then this year I would title "Change- it gets me every time".  I figured that things would settle down once I moved up to school.  I figured that I would just get into a flow of things and settle down into a rhythm.  Not expecting to change much for a LONG while.  But I should of known that nothing goes according to the plans that I make up for myself.

I wish I knew what the future held.
I wish I knew the consequences of my choices today-
I wish I could please everyone around me, including myself.
I wish I knew what I wanted in life.

It is at times like these where I just want to scream out at the world and hide from the complexities of life.

I suck at commitment
Lo siento

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Team Cowan said...

Hey miss "wants to please everyone all the time." Cut that out. Because guess what, it's impossible! I don't quite understand the need to please everyone because I've never really had that urge. The best you can do is be happy and do what you know is right for YOU. If you keep trying to make everyone happy I worry that you'll end up a very sad girl. Embrace change!! The biggest changes in my life have brought the most happiness!! Be happy girl. :) I'm here if you ever need to chat.