Monday, September 20, 2010

then and now.

A year ago from today I was comfortably overwhelmed.
I year ago from today I was planning homecoming.  I was shopping for a dress.  I had volleyball practice every night from three thirty to six.  I was organizing cheer activities.  I was delegating my senior class.  I year ago from today I was home and busy as I will get out.  I remember staying at the school for fourteen plus hours at a time some days-  I remember feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, but I just kept chugging along. . And it is true sometimes I would break down and cry- (that is what I do when I just can't take anymore pressure and stress)  My mom would tell me to take things a day at a time and things would be so much better.  I don't entirely miss a year from today.  I learned to love being busy- after all that is all I ever knew.  But to be quite honest I don't entirely miss it.

Today I am taking thirteen credits in college, and I am entirely okay with that- I could have taken more, but for now this feels good.  I have become a social butterfly, when I'm not at school or doing homework I am with my friends.  I never thought I could have seen my friends as family, but when I'm this far away from home I have decided that my friends are my family here.
Today I feel tired.  I am living up the college life I guess you could say.  I went to bed at two last night because I wanted to finish a paper that is due Wednesday.  I figure if I finished it last night I could spend today typing another paper that is due Wednesday. . . which leads me to the topic of homework. . . yes these days my free time is spent studying- blah!
Today my body aches.  We did sprints to finish our lap swimming work out.  I love swimming it makes me feel empowered.
Today I want to sleep, but I can't.  Today I feel like I could just pass out on my bedroom floor and sleep there until family home evening.  But I can't!!!  I need to type another paper and I should read my economics homework. . . .
Today I must decide what my priorities are.

So much can happen in a year.  A year ago from today I had no idea what direction my life was headed in.  And now that I'm here I'm very much excited to see what my future has in store for me.  I wonder what will happen in the next year.

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