Sunday, September 5, 2010

laundry. homework. music.

Extra long weekend! yeah!! just what I needed!

Saturday is a glorious day:

Lexi's baptism was a perfect way to kick it off too!  I was able to support her on this marvelous choice and I spent time with my family!  Well some of my family!
I wish I could remember my baptism better.
I love my grandma RueLeen so very much!
I want to be just like her when I grow up!

Did laundry - I LOVE CLEAN CLOTHES (pet peeve)
While I waited for my laundry to wash I did some of my homework- I know I am such a multitasker!
I only got finished with my math. . .
I still have economics, english, and connections homework. . .
good thing I have tomorrow-

Went to the store and bought milk- mmmm that sounds really good right now (it's fast Sunday and I am hungry!)  Oh!  I also bought eggs!
Today I think I will make homemade oreos!
Yes, they sound delicious- everything sounds delicious though.
I should stop talking about food-
I need to focus on my fast.

Played soccer with Aubrie, Sam, Parker, and Brittany for a total of fifteen minutes!
We had planned on going earlier-
but we didn't. . . I honestly don't know why either.
It was fun though- I love being outside!

Went to free concert put on  by USU of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus- It was loud and crowded ha!  And they didn't play my favorite song that they sing. . . If they did I left early.
Confession: I don't love concerts.
Well at least I haven't loved the two I have been to.
I loved watching the people in the crowd more than the musicians on stage.
I was reminded last night that my point and shoot sucks-
I want a nice camera. . . so badly!

Cooked cardboard pizza it was delicious!
Sam and I went to walmart and bought a cardboard pizza for dinner.
I was starving!
We also bought some good old Ben&Jerry's!
but by the time we had eaten I had to get home and get ready for the sabbath.

Saturday was a splendid day!
Despite the fact that I went to bed at four the previous night-
I did really good to stay awake through all my adventures of the day. . . 
I did start draggin' towards the end though!
I think I have a cold. . . 
Thank goodness for Day/Nyquill!

p.s. happy fasting

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Team Cowan said...

We're not big fans of concerts either. I'd much rather just listen to the music at home for free. But the people watching is excellent. :)