Saturday, August 7, 2010

capturing dawn.

So I have been taking a lot of pictures lately and well I love it!
I have had a ton of people ask me to take pictures of them, I have even had offers for payment! WHAT!?
I was very pleased and excited about all the compliments that I have received.
Monday I went school shopping with my mom and sister, we were talking about taking pictures about how I could start a business!  Crazy, the thought. . . I don't know if I can quite grasp it. . .
Anyway Shay came up with a name for my photography business if there was such a thing- CAPTURING DAWN!  I like it!  I really do!
However, I don't know if I could take pictures for a career, don't get me wrong I would LOVE doing it, but the demand for photographers is fading away. .  I mean almost anyone can take pictures now days with digital cameras and editing programs.  I mean, I do it along with so-o many others. .
So, for now I'm just Kelsie who likes to take pictures (: Maybe someday though I will become a photographer for maybe a fashion magazine or something of that liking!  I would like that- and there is a demand right?  I don't know. . .
If anyone wants me to take their pictures though I would really love to!

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Nat said...

I love your pictures. I want you to take pictures of me and my kids- too bad we live so far away!